The studio is located in the Littleton Mill Building at 410 Great Rd, Littleton, Ma. Littleton is located 35 minutes NW of Boston, on Route 495.

Take exit 31 off of route 495. 

If you were travelling South on 495 before taking the exit, take a right at the end of the exit and  go towards acton/littleton common. You will pass back over 495, cross White St, pass Littleton Lumber, then see a funky building on your right which is half industrial mill, half 4-story wood structure.

If you were travelling North on 495 before taking the exit, take a left at the end of the exit. The building will be on the right side of the road almost immediately after you turn off the exit.

If you hit a big intersection, and see a Mobil station, you've gone maybe 150 feet to far. The big building on your right and slightly behind you? thats it. If you start seeing farmstands, you turned the wrong way at the end of the 495 exit.

Turn in to the larger parking lot on the right-hand side of the building. [the first driveway that is next to the building]

The building has signs for things like "Athletes Edge" and Cannon Theatre and assorted other things. Park in the back part of the lot, and notice the stairway that leads up to the second floor of the building, under the "Athletes Edge" sign.
Take that stairway, go inside, and go all the way down the corridor you are first in. Studio is in the corner next to "Athletes Edge".